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Why You're Losing Instagram Followers

We've all been there. We put in the hard work to create a gorgeous feed, with meaningful captions and dang it... We're still losing Instagram followers. But how could this be?! What are we doing wrong?

You Might Not be Doing Anything Wrong

Yeah, I said it. You might be doing everything right, and you are still losing Instagram followers. It's okay. It happens. To truly understand why you are losing Instagram followers, we have to take a deep dive into the kind of content you've been creating lately.

Have you changed up the kind of content you're posting? Perhaps, you are putting a bigger focus on a specific category that you never did in the past. Whatever it is, some of your followers may have started following you months ago, and since then you've changed your tone, or the type of content you are posting - and it just doesn't jive with them anymore. That's okay. They just aren't your people!

You're Losing Instagram Followers Because they are Eliminating Bots

This happens periodically, and it is nobody's fault - but it will actually help you in the long run! Bots are essentially in place because people get lazy... Every heard of somebody "buying followers" or "buying likes"? Well, that is where bots come from. They are fake accounts that are used to create engagement on accounts and make them appear successful, even though it is fraudulent.

To clean things up, Instagram will do a swipe of bots to ensure that most of the accounts on their platform are actually real people doing real things. This could result in you losing 50 followers or more overnight - and this can make you FREAK out! But it's a good thing, trust me.

The way the Instagram algorithm works these days (2020) is that it will show your content to people that are similar to those that follow you, and engage with your content. If a bot is commenting on your post (you'll see comments like "DM us now, you're perfect for our brand" or "We have an opportunity for you" with a lot of emojis), that triggers Instagram into thinking that this is your target audience - which we don't want. It skews your reach, and may be showing your content to people that are less likely to support your business, which we don't want!

You're The Victim of a Follow/Unfollow Wave

GROAN. These are so annoying. So, as someone who was once part of an MLM - I can promise you that is not only a real thing, but it is ENCOURAGED in many of these companies. Team training calls will almost always include this tactic for growing your Instagram, and it's totally slimey and it is awful for your business page.

Basically, some accounts (not just MLM reps) will go on a following spree. They follow the 3-2-1 method, which includes liking 3 photos, commenting on 2 posts, and following you. This causes their profile to show up in your notifications, and makes you wonder who they are... and because they are programmed how to have a gorgeous feed, you will likely follow them back. But they will unfollow you pretty quickly.

Your Content Has Shifted and No Longer Serves Your Audience

This may be intentional, or not - but it happens from time to time. As human beings, and especially as business owners, we tend to grow and make changes along the way. Our business started as a strictly as a Public Relations agency - I didn't even know what I wanted to do with it. All I knew was that I was a fresh PR grad that wanted to be my own boss. But I didn't want to write press releases, or arrange meetings for my clients - I just didn't know it yet. I slowly shifted to social media management, then brought on design clients, and recently simplified and only offer Instagram management and design services - and you know what!? It could change again.

When our businesses change, our content shifts too, and that's okay. However, you must understand that it is also okay that your followers are no longer interested in the kind of content you are creating. You are losing Instagram followers, and that's okay. Set them free.

Interested in learning more? We offer a variety of virtual workshops ranging from hashtag research, to designing your own brand. Check them out here. And in the meantime, be sure to follow us on Instagram for daily tips and tricks.

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