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brett larabie


Hey! Thanks for stopping in. I gotta tell you - I love this stuff. I eat, breathe, sleep, bleeeeeeeed (dramatic I know) branding and social media. But I didn't know it right away. Actually, I feel pretty lucky to have found my passion at such a young age.

It's the age old issue, really... We spend our entire lives searching for the meaning of life, and find something that sets our soul on fire... But also something that can pay the bills. Most people live their whole lives without finding it. I'm thankful, i really am.

But even better? I get to help other women fulfill their dreams. Growing up as a female with a name like "Brett" wasn't sunshine and rainbows. It sounds crazy, but a lot of people said some pretty shitty things. But I could handle that. What I couldn't handle was how strangers would put me on a pedestal when they would see my work before meeting me... And then would be disappointed to find out I was a woman. But why did it matter?! Seriously, it was crazy.

So, I spent my entire life proving people wrong... Proving that women were badass, and unstoppable, and that we were talented, intelligent, and strong, not in spite of our femininity but because of it. 

Let's do business, babes.

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